Evaluation Services


Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) for children                     

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services services are often referred to as "Wraparound" because intensive treatment is "wrapped around" the needs of the child in his or her natural environment.  BHRS is funded through Pennsylvania Medicaid.  In order to receive BHRS, services must be authorized through Medicaid or, as in most cases, the Medicaid MCO for the county  where the child resides.

The child is evaluated by a psychologist and specific behaviors are targeted for change. Treatment goals are developed and a behavior management plan is carried out in the home, school, or other normal settings for the child.  A treatment team works with the child, family, teachers, and others who are involved in the child’s life to improve his or her functioning.

The treatment team is usually composed of a Behavior Specialist, Mobile Therapist, and one or more Therapeutic Staff Support.  The Behavior Specialist and/or the Mobile Therapist collaborates with the family to develop a service plan.  The agreed upon service plan is then carried out by the Mobile Therapist, Therapeutic Staff Support, and the family. More information on BHRS can be found at the following website:


BHRS Evaluations

Susquehanna Psychological Services
offers comprehensive Psychological Evaluations for those seeking BHRS for their children.   In order to qualify for the BHRS Program, a child must be evaluated by a Licensed Psychologist who recommends the type, duration, and quantity of BHRS service to be provided.  Evaluations at Susquehanna Psychological Services are completed by Cynthia Stauffer or by qualified professionals under her supervision.