About Our Staff

Types of Human Services Professionals

Susquehanna Psychological Services is comprized of staff with differing  backgrounds and credentials.  The types of human servcies professionals can sometimes be confusing for those looking for services provided by a person with the appropriate credentials.  The following are some of the professionals you may encounter when seeking services:

PA Licensed Professionals

Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Social Worker
National Board Certified Professional

National Certified Counselor
Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

General Human Services Professionals

Social Worker
Case Worker or Case Manager
More about Types of Therapy and Treating Professionals

Susquehanna Psychological Services Staff

Cindy Stauffer, M.S.

Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Director 
Play Therapist

Cindy Stauffer is a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years experience working with children and families. She has specialized in nondirective play therapy and has trained numerous clinicians on implementing those techniques.

Cindy's work with children, adults, and families reflects her strong value for good communication, healthy living, and social well-being.

Cindy is experienced in assessing and planning treatment for traumatized youth and children with autism.  She is on the  Board of Directors of the Greater Harrisburg Area Autism Society.

Cindy has evaluated children receiving Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) and neurologically impaired adults and children for over 20 years.

Cindy also provides mentoring and training to therapists from many disciplines.  She is a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, the American Psychological Associaton, and the Pennsylvania Association for Play Therapy. 

Cindy and Sherwood Stauffer founded SPS with the intent to provide quality psychological services, while maintaining the clinical and financial integrity of the practice.  Cindy provides clinical direction and supervision of SPS staff and interns, while Sherwood manages business operations

Mindy Reed, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Mindy Reed is a Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist with extensive experience working with children and families.

Mindy has a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.  She has a MSW from Temple University and earned her Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Mindy's 30 year work experience includes school-based social work, child welfare, domestic violence, women's reproductive health, outpatient therapy, psychological evaluations, and family preservation.

Mindy has also been an adjunct professor at Widner University for 14 years, and she is a long-time volunteer for Susquehanna Service Dogs and Hospice.

Amanda Ruzansky, B.S.


Amanda Ruzansky earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.  Amanda completed her Master's Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology at Penn State University and is completed an internship with Susquehanna Psychological Services.

Amanda has experience working with children who have intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrom, and ADHD.  She also has experience with adolescents from diverse and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Amanda's clinical interests include depression, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.

Bonnie Watson, L.S.W.

Licensed Social Worker
BHRS Evaluator
Play Therapist

Bonnie Watson is a Pennsylvania State Licensed Social Worker who has five years of experience working with children and adults in the areas of mental health and drug and alcohol counseling. 

Bonnie received her undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology with a focus on Family Studies at Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH. She went on to get her master’s degree in Social Work from Temple University in Harrisburg, PA. 

Bonnie has trained under Cindy Stauffer in play therapy and currently implements these techniques in her sessions with children. She also completes psychological evaluations for children needing BHRS, outpatient, or CRR services.

As a social worker, Bonnie is committed to connecting consumers to appropriate services and resources according to their personal needs, no matter their age.  Her primary goal as a social worker is to enhance human wellbeing and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty (NASW Code of Ethics).  

Bonnie is involved in her local church and is a member of the program committee board at Bridge of Hope Harrisburg.  She looks forward to coaching for Girls on the Run in Hershey, PA during the fall.  Bonnie is also a member of the National Association for Social Workers and serves on the Emerging Leaders Committee.


Therapy Dog Intern

When you arrive at Stauffer Psychological Services, you will sometimes you will be greeted by Bella.  Bella is a Therapy Dog Intern.

Bella completed her Basic Manners Training in January, 2011.  She is still practicing  “polite greetings.” Bella tends to get a bit excited upon seeing new arrivals to the office.  You can expect some excited barking and jumping.

Bella is near completing her Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) Certification and will (hopefully) test soon.

Bella enjoys children, and she often attends Play Therapy sessions with Cindy.  She also can be found observing many SPS counseling sessions, although she tends to doze-off frequently in the afternoons. 

SPS clients need not worry about confidentiality with Bella. She doesn't disclose any information out-of-session.  What you say in front of Bella, stays with Bella!

Bella lives with Cindy, Sherwood, and her younger cousin, Lilly Belle.  She hopes that, someday, Lilly will also express an interest in becoming a Therapy Dog.

Lilly Belle

Therapy Dog Intern

Lilly Belle is usually found following Bella around   Stauffer Psychological Services. You can expect an excited greating from from Lilly when you arrive at the office.

Lilly is learning her Basic Manners, but has difficulty not barking when she gets excited. Being a young, she tends to put everything in her mouth, including fingers.

Lilly is quite fond of attention.  She likes attending sessions with varous staff at SPS. As with Bella, Lilly adheres to our strict confidentiality policy and does not disclose things she over-hears during counseling sessions.

She also enjoys exploring the play room. Children have noticed small teeth marks on the plastic items - Lilly is the culprit.

Lilly's mother (also named, Lilly) is a sister to Bella's mother (Gracie).  Lilly's father, Jack, was much smaller than Bella's father (Bubba). Lilly is full grown and will not reach Bella's size.

Shelley Dreibelbis

Office Manager

Shelley Dreibelbis has been the Office Manager for Stauffer Psychological Services since 2009.

Shelley oversees the operations of the SPS offices including client billing, accounts receivable, and scheduling.  

When you arrive for your appointment at SPS, you will be greeted by Shelley who will happily answer any questions you may have about your account or scheduling your next appointment.

Sherwood Stauffer, M.S. 

Business Manager

Sherwood earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Penn State University and his Master of Science degree from Shippensburg University.  He has worked in the mental health field his entire career, with his experience spanning from direct care to administration.

Sherwood has worked in State and community hospitals, as well as being in private practice as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  He has served as Director of an outpatient mental health clinic and as Executive Director for a large community mental health center.  For many years, Sherwood  worked as a Regional Director for one of the largest human services providers in the country.

Sherwood’s interests are in business management and quality improvement.  He also has a strong technical background in the implementation of electronic medical records and computer management of information.