Therapy Services

Susquehanna Psychological Services offers a variety of therapy services for adults, children, and families.

Play Therapy   

Play therapy is a form of treatment that engages the child in play to help him or her achieve optimal growth and development.  Play Therapy uses the natural therapeutic powers of play to help children prevent or resolve emotional, psychological, and social challenges.

There are a number of therapeutic styles used in Play Therapy. Susquehanna Psychological Services staff use non-directive, child centered play therapy.  During sessions, the therapist creates a safe environment where children can express their feelings and wishes through play. The therapist establishes a relationship of acceptance, trusting the child's ability to solve problems in his or her own ways.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy may be supportive, psycho-educational, goal oriented, or involve a variety of clinical interventions and therapeutic techniques. This service can also be an important resource for managing situational and social stressors, problem-solving, or coming to understand the unique characteristics of one's personal issues.

The nature of the counseling and the staff providing it is determined by the unique needs and desires of each individual. Individual Therapy is guided by a Treatment Plan developed collaboratively by the individual and his or her therapist.  Individual Counseling services may be provided by either a Psychologist, Counselor, or Social Worker.  

Is Individual Therapy right for you?  Please see this brief article.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is tailored to each specific family. The basic premise is that a family's ineffective patterns of relating to one another give rise to symptoms manifested in individuals. Family Therapy seeks to change these potentially harmful patterns, thus improving the functioning of individuals.

The Family Therapist may utilize a variety of techniques to help families develop effective patterns of relating to one another, resolve issues, and facilitate healthy family functioning.  Therapists assess family interactions based upon the cultural norms of the family being helped and facilitate healthy family interactions within these cultural norms.

Trauma Care

People with severe emotional problems often have histories that include trauma. Such trauma may be the results of predation, sexual and/or physical abuse, or other events. Traumatic events may have resulted in symptom onset, periods of worsened illness, or behavioral disturbances.

Trauma therapy for children may involve play, creative expression, or talking. Treatment helps children face their difficulties, a little at a time, and teaches them the skills to effectively cope with life situations as they arise. Once children feel safe enough, they are able to work toward rebuilding their lives and attaining their goals.

Choosing a Therapist with expertise in providing counseling and treatment specific to issues associated with trauma is an important decision. Susquehanna Psychological Services has staff with expertise in trauma care.